Life Playlist – July 2012

Friends and Fam – July was full of people we love! We spent about 5 days in Lindsborg with our families as I helped work on some projects for my parent’s business. That weekend also included a reunion with the cousins on Beth’s side of the family. A couple weeks later we hosted sister Laura and her fiance Ben for the weekend. We caught our second Royals game of the season, which resulted in an extra-innings loss like our last visit. The next weekend we had most of our dear friends who are in the States for their annual summer visit. We had a great time eating, shopping for dresses and eating more.

The Long and Whining Road – Retrieving our mail one afternoon this month was particularly exciting when we saw a package from the Royal Mail service. We had received our copy of our friend Sim’s book, “The Long and Whining Road”. This is a recounting of the Courtie’s one-year, round-the-world adventure with their family in a VW camper van. You can get a good sense of his smart and hilarious writing style from the blog he maintained while traveling.

The Long and Winding Road by Simeon Courtie

Buy the book for Amazon Kindle for a mere $4.75 here:
The Long and Whining Road (Kindle)
The paperback version is available direct from Sim here:
The Long and Whining Road (Paperback)

Basement Finishing Project – Work on the basement continues. This month’s highlights include receiving the onyx base for our shower and sweating copper for the first time. We lucked out with timing and my cousin Allyn was able to bring the base by our house so we didn’t have to make a special trip. It looks fantastic and will match the tile for the walls well:

Onyx Shower Base

My new-ish friend Jeff stopped by a few nights later and helped me through the process of sweating a few copper joints for our new shower. After my first messy attempt, things seemed to go pretty well. I haven’t had a chance to pressure-test it yet but I’ve had water sitting in the pipes for several days with no leaks so that’s a good start.

Sweating copper for shower valves

First inspection should be in early August.

Music I’ve been enjoying this month:
– Mutemath Pandora station
– Mumford and Sons Pandora station – I occasionally get Thomas Newman on this station. He wrote most of the Shawshank Redemption score which has a very distinct and memorable sound that makes me want to watch this movie again.
– Derek Webb is rumored to be coming out with another full-length album next month so I’ll very likely pick that up.

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