GPS Tip #3 – “Find Near”

A relative of mine was recently having some difficulty finding certain points of interest he knew existed in his GPS. Sometimes if you are searching for a hospital, for example, that is several towns away, there are so many other hospitals between you and your desired hospital that the list fills up before you see the one you’re looking for.

By default, Garmin will always search near where you currently are. You’ll get a list of places sorted from nearest to you to farthest away. One tip for finding these places is to use the “Search Near…” feature.

Click the Menu button (three horizontal bars) to view the Near... popup

By using the “Search Near…” feature you can search for places starting nearest to some other point of your choosing, whether that may be another city, a “favorite” Point of Interest you’ve already saved, or your current destination if you’ve entered one in. I find it easiest to try and locate known places by searching near the city it is in.

Search starting near a different city, a "Favorite" you're previously saved, or your destination.

Another useful application for the Near… function in browsing for places such as food or gas near another area such as your final destination. Perhaps you aren’t hungry yet or don’t need gas now, but you know you will when you arrive at your destination. You can use “Near…” to see what points of interest are available near your destination. Once you find what you’re looking for you can either start routing to that point right away just click on that point of interest and save it to your Favorites if you want to visit it later.

Life Playlist – April 2012

Messiah Festival in Lindsborg – We took a couple friends to Lindsborg to hear Handel’s Messiah on Easter Sunday. I had seen parts of this performance as a kid, but admittedly I was dragged there. This time, under my own power I went for the whole thing and enjoyed it immensely.

I had high expectations for the Hallelujah Chorus and wasn’t disappointed. It was also inspiring to see people I knew singing and playing- some for their 30th time and others their first.


Logical Fallacies – I have an unhealthy appreciation for recognition of logical fallacies in argument. I think this site I ran across this month (or something like it, such as a college level critical thinking class) should be required reading before anyone is allowed on the internet, or at least before posting any comments. Actually, this should be a requirement for every college major in the universe, if not a high school diploma.

I think the snarkiness of the site is a little overboard, as I won’t be using the site to bash people over the head for logical fallacies committed, but surely as people identify fallacies in others’ arguments, they’ll begin to recognize them in their own, right? RIGHT???

So a Polish Dentist’s ex-boyfriend walks into a dentist office… It’s bad I think this is so funny but a Polish female dentist had her ex-boyfriend in the office for a sore tooth and decided to remove all his teeth as some twisted form of revenge:

Basement Finishing Project – Construction on the our basement finish project is back in full swing, after an unexplained lull. We got the bathroom/den area framed. Next up will be the lowered ceiling in the bathroom followed by running water supply lines. Pictures next month.

Listening to:
– I am trying out Ray LaMontagne at the suggestion of my friend Rob. I’m not latching onto this as quickly as I do with some other music, but it’s not bad. Side note: I might go crazy if I hear “Trouble” again. Side note #2: Same goes for any arrangement of “Hallelujah”.
– Next up: Punch Brothers

Psych. We’ve really gotten into this show in the last few weeks. It has a nice balance of humor, drama, and I suppose some suspense.