Window Replacement – Jan/Feb 2012

As part of our basement finishing project, my wife had the great idea of replacing the tiny window on the back of our house with one about twice the size. Miraculously, there was a stretch of about 3 warm days at the end of January which is exactly what I needed to put the window in, caulk and paint before bad weather came (which it did). With the help of my good friend Joel we managed to install this thing with very little trouble:

Finshed window on back side of house
Finished window installation

Here are a few more pictures of the process. I got my window at Home Depot. Our biggest challenge was the fact that I bought a “new construction” window, but probably shouldn’t have since my house has siding on it already. We just cut the siding back a bit more to nail the nailing fin in, and caulked liberally around the fin and when attaching the trim pieces.

You may have noticed it looks like it is dark outside by the time the new window was nailed into the rough opening. Yes, yes it was. I took the final picture the next day once it was light again.

Finally, if you’re in the Gardner area you should know I couldn’t be more pleased with Construction Materials, Inc (CMI) in Gardner. They were very helpful in supplying everything I needed for this job including trim, metal flashing, trim nails, roofing nails (for the nailing fin), lumber for the new header and caulk. Now if only they were open on Saturdays…:-)

Life Playlist – Feb 2012

New window – One of the more significant house projects this month was installing a larger window on the back side of our house. That project deserves its own blog and will come later this month.

A painter’s joke – Related to the window project, as I was reading up on how cold it can be to paint outdoors a guy on one website said, “If it’s too cold you’ll have to use two coats. Get it? Two coats!” Very funny.

Lemon Cooler CookiesLemon Coolers – My wonderful wife’s keen eye caught these cookies that are now back in production. Over the years I have described one of my favorite cookies from childhood, which was shaped like a vanilla wafer, but has a nice and sour lemony coating. These cookies matched the description exactly, and while they taste great, they aren’t the same as the originals.

I had to know if anyone else shared my experience and sure enough the Internet did not let me down. This page pretty much exactly describes my sentiments. My favorite line in this blog post is when she says, “Are they the same? Close enough to make me smile.” Exactly. Side note, I have tried one of the recipes on the web and they turned out about as good as these new boxes of cookies.

“Good morning, LOSER!” – On the topic of baked goods, I was feeling just fine about myself and my day until I happened to glance inside my Pop Tarts box and notice this message:
Sorry! You're not a winner!
Thanks Kellogg’s!

Trip to the homeland – We made spontaneous and quick trip to Lindsborg in mid-February to spend the day with our families, in particular to celebrate our dear sister’s birthday. We also got to see a couple wonderful friends before they move away for a change in job. Fun was had by all and as a bonus my parents had just returned from a cruise so we got to hear all about that

Stop this Train – a longtime John Mayer favorite of my wife’s, I have been coming around to this song for awhile now and hope to learn it on guitar soon. Not as easy as it looks, folks! Watch:

Matthew Mayfield – Missed Me – I first learned of Matthew Mayfield through NoiseTrade, a brilliant site co-founded by one of my favorite musicians, Derek Webb. I LOVE this song and video by Matthew Mayfield. Good ol’ rock and roll.

I’ve saved the best for last. My friend Joel sent this fantastic video of a popular English yard game. Watch here: