Life playlist – Dec 2011

Just a few links from my life in December. These are things I’ve read, listened to or otherwise found interesting this month:

Woman finds wedding ring on carrot after 16 years – This woman (A SWEDE, no less) pulled up a carrot from her garden and attached was her wedding ring, lost 16 years ago. Read all the details, including bonus information about their pet sheep, and a family picture taken with such excitement that her husband didn’t even waste time taking off his headphones.

Here’s a fantastic article I read about the state of transportation security, mainly as it pertains to the TSA and airline “security”. The author’s position is pretty much consistent with my own. He articulated it well and while his position is clear, I found it to be an honest and fair assessment. I’m not against security or spending money on security. I also understand my inconvenience may be part of the package. However, let’s (the government) just be honest with ourselves and with the American people about what threats we face and what we’re REALLY accomplishing by spending this money and implementing these programs.

I’m looking forward to my upcoming annual reading of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail on Jan. 16. He is responding to a letter from Alabama clergymen which can be found here. The clergy is asking for King to stop demonstrations and “wait” for the racial matters of the day to be worked out through the legal system. King responds. I think the letter is a near-flawless example in persuasive argument and his appeal is profound and morally convicting, surely even then.

On a less serious note:

Good Love is on the Way – John Mayer. I’m currently working on learning this one on guitar. Very fun.

Gravity – John Mayer with Keith Urban. Someone pointed out to me the pickup switch he flips at 6:07. Brilliant!

Boss DD-7 – an excellent Christmas gift from my wife. Just what I wanted!

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay