Pizza Hut – The Big Italy

We love Italy. So much that if a product includes “Italy” in the title we’re likely to buy it. Such is the case with Pizza Hut’s new Big Italy pizza. How could it NOT be delicious?

Well, this pizza does not disappoint. This creation is obviously larger in size than Pizza Hut’s large pizza, with special spices that actually seemed to be on the bottom of the pizza and pieces cut into squares like The Edge pizza.

Observe the “his” and “hers” halves above. Great for a romantic dinner for two. (We didn’t eat this all in one meal…)

Summer Fun

One of the things we did this summer was buy season tickets to the Theatre in the Park shows with some friends of ours. This is a great cheap night out for couples or families. Our favorite show this summer was probably “All Shook Up”, a show that included bits of many Elvis songs and a storyline similar to the biography of Elvis himself.

Project log – Painting the Garage

It’s been several months now, but here’s one of the little projects we did this summer and are super-happy with the outcome…

Despite the laughter and mockery from a full third of my friends who I told I was painting my garage, Beth and I went forward with the project on the July 4 weekend this summer.

Who cares about painting their garage? Well, we decided to for a few reasons: It screamed “I’m not finished” every time we saw the streaks of sheetrock mud on the walls. We got “mud powder” on our clothes every time we brushed against the walls. Finally, as much time as I’m starting to spend in there between car projects and house projects I thought it would be nice if it looked a little better.



The “after” picture doesn’t quite do it justice. I could be dreaming but it feels slightly cooler inside the garage now that we’re done too. Maybe sealing up the drywall keeps a little more heat from getting through the walls. Who knows?