Memorial Day Weekend 2010

We managed to fill up our Memorial Day weekend with activities this year. Laura came by KC Saturday night before heading to Asia, so she came to the Gardner hot air balloon show and we saw her off later that night.

On Sunday we drove downtown to enjoy the celebration at Union Station in Kansas City. Mark Schultz was there singing “Letters from War” and the rain held off all night so we got to see the whole program and fireworks afterward. Somehow we ended up parked on the top level of the parking garage. Stuck there with some friends for over an hour while nearly EVERY car trickled out of the garage, we pulled out our chairs and cooler again and enjoyed the night conversing and eating the rest of our food.

Monday we saw a KC Royals game that helped round out a full 2010 Memorial Day weekend.

It was time

Maybe even a little past.

If you can’t tell from the blurry picture (taken through glass), a neighbor down the street finally got around to mowing his lawn. It was well over a foot tall. (Click to enlarge picture) Nice!