What we’ve been up to – Winter 2009-10 (The Marathon)

Beth and I have been keeping pretty busy over the last few months. Here’s a taste of what we have been up to:

– Beth had been in training to run a marathon for over 6 months. We, along with much of our immediate family took a trip down to San Antonio for their Rock n Roll marathon in November. Things started out great, but didn’t end as planned. San Antonio heated up throughout the morning, as it often does, and many runners had to slow down or drop out of the race. My wife, determined as she is, did neither willingly. Instead her body made the decision for her and she collapsed in the race around mile 18 and had an ambulance ride to the downtown hospital. It was a simple case of exhaustion or dehydration, and she wasn’t the only one in the hospital for that reason. Still, it was disappointing to her to not be able to finish. We all managed to still enjoy the rest of the weekend in Texas and we were also able to spend some great time with family on the way there and back in Dallas.

– Once back in Kansas City, we knew we had to find another marathon for Beth to run in, so we began our search, and incidentally, ended up back in Texas -Dallas, this time- for their White Rock marathon in December. The timing, temperature, and location all seemed to make sense. We made the trip down ourselves this time, taking our time and enjoying the mini-vacation. We made it to Dallas in time to get a lay of the land by driving the runner’s course the night before the race. For this race I was going to be able to drive from point to point to see her several times throughout the run. We got back to the hotel and found a great Italian place (Campisi’s on Elm) to load up on carbs for the pre-race dinner. The next morning was beautiful- cool, barely a breeze, and slightly overcast. Beth didn’t have any trouble at all during the race and completed the run in just under her goal of four hours. I was glad to be able to see her about six times throughout the race, including at the finish line. We had a great weekend in Dallas (with the notable exception of our car being broken into in the hotel’s parking garage) and it was a weekend we will both be able to look back proudly upon for many years.
Beth with Dallas marathon finisher's medal