A Great Burger

Since we’ve had such great weather the last couple weekends we have made it a point to grill out before the Winter really arrives. Both times I have constructed one of my favorite burger creations from my college days. See the beauty below:

Note the presence of the Pepsi and you can barely pick out the peanut logs on the edge of the plate that really make this a complete meal. Awesome!

Yard Artifacts

A few weeks ago I spent an evening prepping a small area on the side of my house for new grass. Nothing would grow there previously and I think it was because the soil in the area was full of gravel and rock. In the process of replacing my “gravel-dirt” with real dirt, I stumbled across these treasures (yes, that’s a saw blade in there):

Click the picture for a larger image.

Who knows how many hundreds of years these items have been here, waiting to be discovered? From what civilization did they come and what purpose did they serve? We’ll never know, because they were just preventing my grass from growing and are now going to the dumpster. Thanks home builder! I wonder what other treasures are scattered throughout my yard?!?