You Like Coke?

I was going through the Wendy’s drive through yesterday, ordering my usual: two burgers and a 5 piece nuggets. Of course, I put the nuggets on the burgers and eat them that way. I arrived at the window to pay and the guy working there had a drink of some kind in his hand. I could tell he was ready to give it to me because someone made it and it had to go to SOMEone, but I could also see he was hesitant because he could see that I didn’t order a drink.

After looking confused for a moment, he smiled and asked “You Like Coke?”. Recognizing the opportunity for a free drink, of course I said “YEAH!”. He handed it over and I gladly accepted. It was one of the highlights of the day, probably because it was so unexpected and so unlike a chain restaurant to do something like that.

I remembered how much I truly dislike Coke once I started drinking the thing in my car. Pepsi please!

The End.