Audio Book Review: Thumbs down

Awhile back I checked out a couple audio books thinking I could make better use of my time by listening to something during slow times. Turns out there’s just not that much time in my life to dedicate to the listening of audio books. Not that I’m so busy or have that many important other things to do; I’ve just discovered that for me personally it requires my full attention so it is not something I can do “while I work” and the drive to my job is only about 15 minutes- hardly enough time to get anywhere on a 10-CD set. Plus, when would I listen to Kidd Kraddick?

I’m willing to give it another try, but I don’t think it is for me. On a related note, I saw a Kindle for the first time today. It was an older generation model and it’s a great concept but I’d like to see what the latest generation looks like. It was very easy on the eyes, and if I traveled just a bit more I could possibly see myself enjoying one except for the fact that you have to buy the books (right?). I love the good ol’ library.

Currently reading (the old fashioned way): Psycho Cybernetics

This week: so far and still to come…

Wow, this is a great week:

Sunday: lead music at our church; ate Pizza Hut
Monday: meatloaf, Royals game in the pouring rain. Royals win, I catch a ball
Tuesday: meatloaf again!, mini golf with the life group
Wednesday: BBQ for lunch, meatloaf for supper, seeing my wife, electric guitar in the evening
Thursday: OK Joe’s BBQ for lunch
Friday: pizza, a movie and then games with the guys
Saturday: Grandpa gets inducted into 35th Division Hall of Fame, see family

Side note: Overused words on this blog include Pizza Hut, Oklahoma Joe’s