Been to the Edge…

So we’ve enjoyed a Pizza Hut edge pizza both last Sunday and today. We’re on pace to have about one per week. Not nearly enough in my opinion. My only complaint is that our Pizza Hut keeps cutting them in “normal” shaped wedge pizzas instead of the square pieces as advertised. Still tastes AWESOME! Buy one.

Pizza Hut – The Edge

I received the surprise of the week this evening. While ordering my first ever Pizza Hut pizza online, out of the corner of my eye I saw a welcome blast from my past- an advertisement for “The Edge” pizza from Pizza Hut. It’s my favorite pizza of all time and it’s back! Hopefully they use the same great recipe as they did when I was in high school. We’ll find out soon… 🙂

Trying the audio book thing

We were in the library this evening looking for a movie and stumbled upon the audio book section. I’ve never listened through an audio book myself, but I’ve heard a lot about them so I thought I’d see how it compared to reading a normal book.

I’m not sure when I will have time to listen. I don’t have a long drive to work or any regular periods of time in which I can listen but I’ll give it a try. I check out Homer’s Odyssey (never read it) and David McCullough’s 1776.

Buffalo Bob’s Smokehouse Review

I had the opportunity to visit Buffalo Bob’s Smokehouse in Lawrence last night where I met my brother for dinner. I liked the atmosphere there- it was easy to talk, not crowded and all the help was very friendly. I got baby back ribs and my brother got pulled pork. My ribs weren’t falling off the bone, but they were really good. You get a mountain of curly fries, about half of which I could have done without. I also like that the place looks local and not chain-like. I would go back to try a pulled pork sandwich, but I don’t think this place is a threat to the BBQ throne, currently occupied by Oklahoma Joe’s.

All in all, a good experience. Especially getting to see my brother. I award the restaurant 4 ribs on a 7-rib scale.

Extra Apostrophe’s

An open letter to people who write things…

OK, I think I’ve finally endured all I can. Can we please stop including extra apostrophes in words in which they have no business being? I don’t want to be someone who goes around enforcing the rules of the English language, but I may go crazy if I read “CD’s for Sale”, “DVD’s for Sale”, or “to all dad’s” one more time.

What possesses one to add that extra character in the first place? I try to not use this blog to rant about my life or the problems in the world, so hopefully you will grant me this rare exception. 🙂