I spent some time with my good friend Norm Sunday learning how to sail the seas of Gardner Lake. It was my first time even close to a sailboat and I quickly learned how much I don’t know about sailing. We each had a one-man boat and Norm calmly told me which lines to pull and when. As I panicked and scrambled to remember the difference between a jib and a backstay, he simply sailed alongside me explaining what I should do next. He could also tell me when a new gust of wind was coming my way- very impressive.

I likened it to learning how to snowboard for me. At first, I was completely content simply standing up or moving as slow as possible. As I got more comfortable with how the board moved, the parts I came to enjoy about snowboarding were the more complex, faster actions. I imagine sailing becomes that way once one becomes familiar with the movement of the boat and sails.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay on the water long Sunday, but I look forward to going out again with the “first time” behind me now. Very fun and I recommend the experience to anyone who doesn’t mind exchanging a little control for a new and potentially rewarding experience.