The Z-man

We got to spend part of this weekend with some family and I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to see that I chose to write about a sandwich instead, but folks, this was an amazing sandwich.

We went to Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Olathe on Monday and I finally built up enough courage to order the Z-man. I’m normally the guy who orders the same thing each time, I suppose because I know what I like. I’m not sure what was different this day, but the Z-man has been in the back of my mind since I first heard of it. The Z-man is made up of beef, provolone cheese, BBQ sauce and topped with two onion rings and currently goes for $5.99.

My first bite into this sandwich was glorious and I enjoyed every bit of it except the bite that Beth stole. I will absolutely get this sandwich next time I go, if only to see if it is as good as I remember just two short days ago. I’d highly recommend it! mmmmm…

Another Passport Post

We got Bethanie’s passport back in the mail just a couple days ago, so now we can vacation together! Once again, very fast service on the passport. It’s excellent service like this that will keep us choosing the US Government for all our passport needs.