I was completely impressed by the government this week when I received my first passport. I applied for it 12 days ago, and that included two weekends and Christmas. Nice work America!


That said, I’m out of here (in the Spring…most likely)!

Christmas break wrap-up

Whew, another Christmas season come and (mostly) gone. Here’s a list of some of the things that I got to do:

  • Survived a wild drive to Lindsborg in wintery weather
  • Attended the annual Julotta service at New Gottland
  • Received a photography lesson from Christy.
  • Played some guitar with my brother-in-law.
  • Caught up with some cousins I thoroughly enjoy. Some I’ve had forever, some were acquired in the 2005 Carlson/Achenbach merger.
  • Learned how to drive a stick shift. Awesome!!
  • Got my US passport so we can leave the country for awhile in the Spring. Yay!

Pearl Jam? More like Pearl BAD

I don’t understand why people like Pearl Jam. Any time I hear a Pearl Jam song I think to myself, “How can anyone like this? I just don’t understand.”

I forced myself to listen to an entire Pearl Jam song today after my newfounded Pandora obsession thinking maybe by the end of the song I would change my mind about the band. I didn’t.


So I’ve heard about Pandora multiple times before but today on a whim I finally took the plunge and set up an account. My first impression is that this site is AWESOME! I think the site is put together incredibly well and I’ve found that the songs they suggest are pretty spot on in terms of my musical tastes.

If you’re unfamiliar, the premise is that you enter the name of a band or artist you know you like and Pandora plays music by the artist and other similar artists.

It’s not so much that when I type in a band name I get others that sound just like them- it’s just that all the bands they suggest I find myself really liking. There have been some I already knew I liked and others I’d heard of but never tried before.

Among my favorites from today:
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Oasis – Wonderwall
Jack Johnson

And a song I forgot that I LOVE:
Augustana – Boston

Check it out!