Thanks, ASUS

OK, I don’t get nerdy on here too often (maybe I should), but I have to say “well, done” to ASUS computer corporation for helping me with a recent motherboard problem. About a year and a half ago I bought a motherboard/CPU combo from newegg. The motherboard was a ASUS A8N-E slot 939. About a year or so after I had it, it started complaining about the “chipset fan speed” being too low. It would only complain about this upon starting up the computer though. I rarely “cold boot” my machine since it runs pretty much 24/7, so it took me a long time to even notice this problem.

Eventually, the fan completely quit running and I feared that the chipset would overheat. After some procrastination and a fair amount of research, I finally found the ASUS support page that allows you to chat with a CSR. ( This was extremely slick and within a few minutes the rep had a new chipset fan in the mail for me. They even followed up nicely when I asked a question about the installation.

For anyone who is stumbling across this blog receiving the dreaded “Press F1 to continue” message that accompanies this problem, I had to completely remove the motherboard from my case to release the fan clips from the back side of the board.

There you have it. Good as new.

Fender Customer Support: A++

So I bought an 18 foot “Vintage Voltage” Fender guitar cable several years ago. I used it a handful of times and not too long after I bought it it started working intermittently. Later on, I noticed one of the ends was much looser than it should have been, probably causing the problems with the connection.

I’m a big Fender fan. My acoustic guitar is a Fender and I play through a Fender amp with my electric guitar. Within the last few months the thought finally struck me- a guitar cable from a good company like Fender ought to work more than a few times. Surely they would be interested in defending their good name and helping me out with this cable. I called and they agreed. I mailed the cable via USPS ($7-ouch!) and within a couple weeks had my replacement cable in hand.

Way to go, Fender! It is this type of treatment of customers that causes a person to want to continue doing business. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the whole thing, and my streak of good luck with Customer Service departments seems to continue.

I haven’t determined yet why this is- maybe a slower economy causes companies to try harder to retain customers? In any case, I’m a happy guitarist today.