Fiddler on the Roof – Starlight Theater

Beth won some tickets are work last week so we went out to Starlight Theater in Kansas City on Monday night and enjoyed The Fiddler On the Roof. Neither of us had been to Starlight before and were extremely impressed with the venue. I’d love to see a concert there someday.

The play was pretty good, but in all honesty Smoky Valley High School’s performance a few years ago gave these professionals a run for their money. No joke.


OK, readers. I’ve got to share my excitement about one of the greatest things to happen for music fans (and artists) in awhile. Derek Webb launched a new website called NoiseTrade about a month ago that allows music fans to sample music and either “Pay what you want” for a CD or recommend the CD to three people and be able to download the full CD for free.

The site allows you to preview the artist’s CD through a “widget” for that artist. You can embed the widget for that artist so that the whole transaction can be done through the widget from any site on the web that embeds that widget. Here’s the widget for Derek Webb’s latest CD, “The Ringing Bell” (highly recommended).

There are a number of great things about this site:

  • downloads come in .mp3 format
  • no DRM
  • 90% of sales go straight to artist
  • friends’ email addresses are not stored at all. Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if I knew the site spammed my friends, I wouldn’t use it at all.

I downloaded Sandra McCracken’s album, Gravity | Love and think it’s great.

Here’s an article about NoiseTrade:

Dear Verizon Wireless… (“going green”)

It IS easy being green, isn’t it? Tell you what, how about I continue to receive my bills via postal mail so I can have a printed copy on my end for audit purposes.

Verizon encouraging \"going green\" on my bill.

How about YOU do “your part” by not including a glossy, full page advertisement for a new Nokia phone and Verizon music services and another glossy color advertisement for Verizon accessories or navigation for my phone in each and every bill you send me?


County Fair

I saw something very strange last night. For the first time in my life I witnessed what I would call a greased pig chase. I’d heard of this before, but never seen it. The process: They lined up a couple hundred kids and set loose about a dozen greased pigs and told the kids to go capture them. If they successfully caught a pig, they brought it back to the trailer and got $1.

The most hilarious thing to me was listening to the parents who were just as excited as the kids. “Catch him by the legs and don’t let go!”

Fortunately, if you’ve never done this and are considering entering one of these competitions, there are resources for you on the web: How to catch a greased pig.

After reading this guide, it’s clear that some of these strategies would have been helpful. I also commented last night that if the kids would at least work as a team they could catch the pigs more quickly. This entire event was only slightly disturbing.

After the pig chase, we saw some mutton bustin. Good times. Thank you, Johnson County.