Bat bag recovery

Recovered Bat BagQuite possibly the highlight of Midsummer’s weekend was the reunion of my long lost bat bag with it’s owner (me). I admit, I hadn’t quite let go and moved on with life when I realized this bag and its contents was missing a couple years ago. Each year when softball (yeah, that’s what you graduate to when you get old like me) season comes around, I remind my friends how I lost my bat bag and all the great stuff in it like my baseball bat, batting gloves and about a dozen good baseballs. Sure, I could have replaced these things, but it just wouldn’t have been the same. Take my bat for example: There are many great memories such as strikeouts, pop flies, walks, groundings into double plays and occasional singles I have experienced with this great bat.

Anyway, I found a few other treasures while I was going through the bag including:

  • “medal of participation” from a baseball tournament back in the day (yay.)
  • half a bag of sunflower seeds
  • water bottle
  • “I have a cold” label for my water bottle so others wouldn’t drink my water
  • $8. Nice.