Landscaping Project – “The Wall”

We were fortunate enough to have excellent weather and excellent help on Monday and Tuesday when we decided to give our front flower garden area a face lift.

Beth’s brother Ben and his girlfriend Savannah helped us put in the wall. Here’s what the place looked like before. Not so bad, but it just wasn’t “ours”. We removed all the plants except the large bush on the right and a couple flowers Beth planted last year.

The \"before\" image Starting from scratch

We cleared a channel for the wall, tamped (? – we used a tamper) the ground and assembled the wall. Here’s what it looked like after that point:

Rock wall partially constructed Rock wall partially constructed (side view)

Finally we filled the area with top soil, went plant shopping and planted what we bought. We still intend to add a few more plants. Here’s the “finished” product:

View of finished rock wall from side

View of finished rock wall from front

Worlds of Fun – 2008

After our BBQ festivities on Saturday, we made our way to Worlds of Fun for a little adventure with a couple thousand friends from work. We decided to go a little later in the day in hopes to avoid some sun and long lines. The weather treated us pretty well all evening.

I rode the Mamba for the second time in two years. Last year’s Mamba ride was my first big roller coaster, and I think it shows great personal growth to go on a roller coaster one year and do the very same thing the next year. It means I’m not a total wimp.

One thing I don’t understand- what causes a “friend” to want another friend to get onto a roller coaster with them if they’re hesitant at first? I’m starting to think that this is at attempt to validate the first friend’s crazy logic. What kind of person wants to be flipped upside-down and twisted around, totally out of their own control? Apparently many kinds of people, because as I waited for the rest of my group to ride The Patriot I indeed saw all kinds of people headed that way, including little girls who were obviously much more brave than I.

Worlds of Fun - The Patriot Worlds of Fun - Viking Voyager Worlds of Fun - Mamba

McLouth BBQ Blowout

I didn’t know a place like this could really exist. Last Saturday, along with our good friend and former McLouth local Rob, we visited the Northeast Kansas State BBQ Championship to see what all the fuss was about. Friends, we thought we’d died and gone to heaven until we realized it would be unlikely that that would happen to all three of us at the same time.

Tents lined the street and almost every one was giving away generous samples of barbecued meat of some kind. Several folks gave us some amazing pulled pork and others offered beef brisket and chicken.

“Dawghouse BBQ” was the unanimous winner in our group with their pulled pork. Yum…

Mclouth BBQ Mclouth BBQ Mclouth water tower

Dorky idea or amazing foresight?

At the risk of sounding like I was a bit of a dweeb in my younger days, I’m exposing something from my youth that we recently uncovered in our house: my free soap collection. Mainly out of curiosity, I’ve decided that it would be interesting to go ahead and try to use some of this stuff up.

Q. Do you really think all this soap and shampoo that’s been in a box for years will still work?
A. I don’t know. That’s why I’m trying it. So far, so good. (I use “good” loosely.)

Keep in mind this was all free from hotels, so I’m not really losing anything at this point. I thought it would be a good idea to put these in our guest bathroom as a convenience but that got shot down pretty quickly. Apparently they lack a certain aesthetic quality.

The collection:
Soap and shampoo collection Soap and shampoo collection

P.S. aren’t posts with pictures so much more interesting?

Celebration at the Station – Memorial Day 2008

Celebration at the Station Stage Night shot of stage at Celebration at the Station

Beth and I ventured into downtown KC with some friends last weekend to check out the Memorial Day festivities around Union Station. The Kansas City Symphony played some great music, complete with cannons being fired during one of the last songs. There were also fireworks afterward above Liberty Memorial – the National WWI Museum.

The last known living veteran of World War One was present at the event and recognized for his service.

It was a pretty hot day but turned out to be great by the time things got started in the evening. Kansas City is really doing some neat things downtown lately, with the whole Power and Light district, Sprint Center and events like this. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. One thing we’ve added to our “to-do” list is to eat breakfast at the Harvey House Diner inside Union Station.

Celebration at the Station Fireworks Celebration at the Station Fireworks