Reviews: Chick-fil-A – Four thumbs up!

Wow, we’ve been to a couple different Chick-fil-A restaurants here in KC, with our main destination around 69 highway and 135th. I’ve been amazed at the service there. Everyone is so polite saying “yes, sir”, “no, sir”. They even came around to our table and offered to get us anything we needed and took our trash for us. Pretty good for fast food. The sandwiches always come out piping hot too. Highly recommended. Four thumbs up between my wife and I!

Derek Webb in Pleasant Valley, MO

We went and saw Derek Webb last Thursday in Pleasant Valley, MO (northeast corner of the KC metro). It was just he and his 12 string.

Derek Webb in Pleasant Valley, MO Derek Webb in Pleasant Valley, MO

Derek played and spoke for around an hour and a half, doing some older songs and of course new songs from his latest CD. I thought a couple songs that were particularly good were “A King and a Kingdom” and “Table for Two”. Good show, good show.

Caedmon’s Call Concert (Lincoln, NE)

A couple weeks ago Beth and I made a run to the fine city of Lincoln, NE where we saw Caedmon’s Call in concert on their Overdressed tour. Joining them on this tour is Derek Webb (formerly of Caedmon’s), who I’ve really come to enjoy over the last six months or so, and (somewhat) newcomer to Caedmon’s Call, Andrew Osenga. The concert was a blast, even though there were a couple technical difficulties.

Caedmon’s Call in Lincoln, NE (Overdressed Tour)

A couple songs that stood out as particularly good were “Climb On (a Back that’s Strong)” and “Two Weeks in Africa”. I also really enjoyed Derek and Andy’s solo sets.

Derek Webb in Lincoln, NE (Overdressed Tour) Derek Webb in Lincoln, NE (Overdressed Tour)

Favorite songs of Derek’s include “Wedding Dress”, “I Wanna Marry You All Over Again”, and “Rich Young Ruler”. (I almost included “Lover” as my third song, but didn’t want those unfamiliar to think he only sang about weddings. What can I say- he’s a passionate guy!)

We plan on seeing Derek Webb in Pleasant Valley, MO later this week.

I’ve been introduced to Andy Osenga pretty recently but enjoy his stuff too. “Swing Wide” and “New Beginning” were great at the concert.

Andrew Osenga in Lincoln, NE (Overdressed Tour) Andrew Osenga in Lincoln, NE (Overdressed Tour)

More Memphis

So here are a few more pictures from the Memphis trip. While we’re not as crazy as some people out there, we have come to enjoy Elvis’ music quite a bit. We’ve even have an Elvis movie or two waiting to be watched at our house. Our little secret, OK?

Also, Memphis barbecue reminded us how much we love Kansas City BBQ! 🙂 (apologies to all my Memphis readers.)

Our Basic Itinerary:

Drove to and stayed in West Plains, MO Friday night
Arrived in Memphis Saturday around 2:00 and walked Beale Street for awhile. It was kind of cold, so there weren’t a ton of people out and about, but all the restaurants and bars had people out front advertising the music and menu for the evening. Cool.

Beale Street B.B. King’s Blues Club FedEx Forum at Memphis basketball game

Saturday early evening we watched some ducks walk in front of us. OK, these are the “famous” duck of the Peabody Hotel, but we realized part way into the whole (daily) event that these are indeed ordinary ducks being herded by someone across the hallway onto an elevator. I don’t recommend unless you have little kids who really love ducks.

Saturday night we watched the University of Memphis Tigers take on Southern Miss. During the game we found out UNC lost, meaning Memphis (or possibly KU) would move into first place. That was exciting.

Graceland Living Room Gibson Guitar Factory Gibson Guitar Factory Gift Store

Sunday was Graceland and the Gibson guitar factory. I really enjoyed both. Sunday night we ate dinner at B.B. King’s Blues club and saw a couple bands play which was awesome. I could really get used to that lifestyle.

Darrin and Beth

We had a great time in Memphis and I would highly recommend going for a 3 day weekend. It took us between 8 and 9 hours to drive from KC.