Memphis Preview

Beth and I ran to Memphis last weekend with a couple friends to goof around for a couple days. We had an excellent time there, going to Graceland, enjoying Memphis BBQ and checking out the Gibson guitar factory.

Here’s a small sampling of pictures from the trip. I’m sure there will be more to come.

Gibson factory Elvis wardrobe Memphis basketball

Those fancy new light bulbs

While we were out and about a couple weeks ago, we bought a couple of those energy efficient light bulbs- one “normal” one, and one flood light for our kitchen to replace a burned out bulb.

My thoughts so far: I was disappointed to discover that the flood light would not fit in our fixture in the kitchen quite as nicely as the previous light. I imagine other people have run into this too. I think it is because the whole backside of the dome part of the light is much larger then the old bulb.

At first I was disappointed that the new light was noticeably less bright than the “normal” lights, but realized that if you wait a minute or so, at least in our case, the new light is actually brighter. I guess the lesson here is that if you’re going to be in the room for more than a few minutes it works out pretty well. It seems like it could be bad for the light if you just turn it on for a few seconds. Just a guess though. We’ll probably continue to replace our old bulbs with these CFL lights and who knows- maybe if we’re feeling a little crazy we’ll go replace some bulbs that haven’t even burned out yet.

This may be my most exciting blog posting yet!

Lemon Coolers

I’ve been reminded a couple times over the last couple weeks about something great from my childhood- Lemon Cooler cookies. I loved the ones that came in the box like Vanilla Wafers but I haven’t been able to find these anywhere for years. I recently read that these have been discontinued. I found a recipe on the web and tried it out, with pretty decent results. Recipe link here. They looked great but were a little crunchier than their commercial counterparts. I think next time I’ll try cooking them for a shorter amount of time. Overall these were a delicious blast from the past.

That dreaded W-4…

So I’ve been dealing with the chore of filling out our W-4s (and now K-4s) for tax withholding. I’m not sure why I have such a hard time with this, but I just can’t seem to get it to come out right. Even these simple forms that everyone with a job fills out seem overly complicated.

I’m sure there are many sites out there that tell a person the best way to fill out these forms, but I have been extremely pleased with this gem I ran across today. It’s extremely well written and goes into just the right amount of detail for me at this stage in my life. They perfectly address the very things that confuse me on the dreaded form. Thanks, Internet!


Trying (but not too hard) to eat more fruit, I’ve brought some canned (or, “packaged” according to Dole) pineapple to work. Last week it was the tidbits, today was “crushed”. “Tidbits” = pretty good; “crushed” = no so much. I haven’t yet tried “chunks”, but I’d expect them to be larger pieces than both crushed and tidbits. The crushed pineapple today looked like baby food. “Pulverized” may have been more like it. Not to say that pulverized fruit does not have its applications, it’s just not something I’ll eat as a snack anymore. Tidbits, however, are highly recommended. …For all you who were wondering.

The Big Mac

I got to experience America’s favorite big Mac a couple days ago. Not the sandwich, the computer or even the semi truck. MacGyver! I got the first season of this great show for Christmas and watched the Pilot a couple days ago.


How can you not love this guy?