Eating in K.C.

I took the day off earlier this month to do some Christmas shopping and as we were driving around Johnson County I was reminded of all the great places we’ve been able to eat in the two and a half years we’ve been in the area. Some of my “highly recommended” restaurants are:

Another good hole in the wall place we’ve been to is Tastee Treat in Olathe.

Other great restaurants that are part of larger chains include Fuddruckers, Backyard Burgers, and On the Border. Wow, I’m hungry. What am I missing?

In the CD player now

I know this should be called “In the MP3 player now”, being in the technology industry and all, but I’m actually listening on my computer so I guess I’m somewhere in between. “CD Player” just rolls off the tongue anyway.

At this very moment Simple Plan happens to be playing, but I’m REALLY enjoying Derek Webb (formerly of Caedmon’s Call) lately, as well as the new Caedmon’s CD “Overdressed”.

We’ve also got an assortment of Christmas CDs laying around, one of which is Jim Brickman’s “Peace” CD. It was playing this morning as I was folding laundry. I felt kind of girly. Oh well.

Beth is at a Christmas Gathering of Women at the church so I’ve spent this morning cleaning the house up a bit. We’ve got some Lindsborgian friends stopping by later today. We’ll do a little Christmas shopping this afternoon and I think we just may end the evening at Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, which I’m pretty sure is what will also be served in Heaven.

Blog Update

OK, I got a little crazy last night and updated my blog software. Obviously it changed the look and feel quite a bit but I kind of like it for now. This update should have fixed a problem with leaving comments.