I just overheard a guy answer his phone and shortly after his conversation started he must have lost contact with the other person because I heard him saying “Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?”

I don’t know why this amuses me so much but it always does. My personal policy is a maximum of two “Hello?”s. Does it help to say it any more than that?

Repairing the Subaru, Part 2

Update: OK, I pulled out the spark plug that had the bad wire and the plug itself looked pretty good so I left it in there.

I put a new set of spark plug wires (less than $20) on the Subaru in about 10 minutes in hopes that that would fix my problem. I’m on about my sixth day in a row driving the car and all seems well so far. Normally by the third or fourth day the Subaru would be stumbling again until I gave it a chance to rest for a few days. If I can go another four days or so without a problem, I will declare the matter resolved.

Lights out on the Camry

Our main car is a 2001 Toyota Camry.

Recently an indicator light on our dashboard lit up. According the manual that came with our car, this indicates that a light of some kind is out somewhere on the car. We checked our headlights, brake lights and turn signals and everything looked OK. I noticed that the indicator light would only come on on the dash once I started shifting gears. I later discovered that it was when I pressed the brake pedal that the light lit up.

Thanks to the wonderful Internet, it was suggested that we check that center brake light in the middle of the back dash and make sure it wasn’t the culprit as it’s easy to miss when checking out the lights. Sure enough, the rear center brake light was burned out.

The replacement bulb was under $3 and involved pressing a couple tabs from inside the trunk to dislocate the brake light assembly from the back dash. Twist out old light, twist in new light and we’re golden. Red-orange actually.

Hopefully someone with the same problem stumbles across this and finds it helpful.