Repairing the Subaru, Part 1

Our beloved 1992 Subaru Legacy started driving a little funny (not “ha-ha” funny) several months ago and I’m determined to figure out the problem myself. I’m not especially mechanical, but I can’t stand the thought of taking it to a shop and paying a lot of money to find out it was some simple problem. For that matter, I don’t really want to find out that it’s some complex, expensive to have repaired problem. Am I picky or what?

Here’s the problem: about 4 months ago, the Subaru got to where, after stopping at a stop sign and starting to accelerate, it would “stumble”, “hesitate”, or “misfire”. At least that’s what other websites call it when googling for my answers. It basically feels like someone is playing with the gas pedal, choking the gas one moment and then punching it 2 seconds later. repeat.

Also, it seemed like I could let the car sit for about a week at which point I could successfully drive the car a couple days before the same problem resurfaced.

To get everyone up to speed, I’ve replaced the fuel filter and air filter (~$25 total) and also changed out the spark plugs.

These things didn’t seem to help. Most recently, I decided to check the resistance on the spark plug wires since I didn’t change those out. The resistance for the wires was supposed to be between 3,000 and 10,000 ohms. Three wires checked out OK and the fourth looked completely fried. I’m hopeful that this is my problem.

My plan is to check out the fourth plug to make sure it’s OK and then put the new wires on.

Updates when circumstances warrant…


So Beth and I have discovered the amazing world of facebook and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. For some reason I was almost anti-facebook in college, but now that I’m out of school and away from my hometown I’ve found that it’s a great way to stay in touch with people I’ve met over the years.

yay facebook. Thanks to our sisters for telling us we “need” to get on facebook 🙂


I’m once again inspired to try and resurrect this blog and I’m not sure why. My intentions are always to start posting more regularly, but it just seem to happen. I think I may start to gear my postings toward observations and things I learn as I work on house projects (oh, we bought a house), work on cars, and of course throw in some news about events we participate in.