Windy City

Beth and I flew into a baseball-crazed Chicago Friday night to meet Andrew and Brandi. We spent most of Saturday running around downtown with they and Jessica. We checked out the new Hershey’s store, visited Millennium Park and ate dinner at Ed Debevics, where the waiters danced on the countertops and were just plain rude.

We came home in the early evening and watched the first game of the World Series. Go Sox(?)
We also played a German card game called Rage, and by some miracle, our wives let us play a new version of the all-American favorite, Risk, called “Lord of the Rings Risk”, obviously based on the movie. (I know, I know, “which was based on the books, that came out first and that are WAAY better than the movies anyway…”)

Today I think we’ll be making fajitas around the house, maybe watching game two, maybe making some pizza tonight, and basically enjoying life in the big city.

Pictures likely to come later.

New Car

Well, Beth and I have spent the last couple weeks searching for a car. Beth saw an ad for a 2001 Camry in the Olathe paper, and we called the guy and went to check out the car. I drove the car around the block and we both really liked it.

We decided to have mechanic look it over first (a very good idea). Between that, financial stuff, insurance coverage and working with the dealer, we finally were able to bring the car home Thursday night. We’ve both been really happy with it, and it will be nice to have something really reliable to get us around the big city.

Click here for pictures.