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Bethanie and I have been keeping busy in adjusting to our new ‘city’ life. We both enjoy being so close to everything, but also far enough away from the city to still feel a little like our Lindsborg home.

As is the case most times I write, my car is hanging on by a thread. We’ve actually been carpooling to work, which is fun, but makes for some early mornings. I’m getting my car checked out this Tuesday, then hopefully we’ll have enough information to know whether we should try to fix it or just get a new car.

We spent this weekend running around Overland Park shopping at big computer stores looking for a laser printer. Sunday, at the church we’ve been going to, they had a lunch after the service and showed the Cheifs opening game on TVs there. After eating and visiting with some of our friends, we ran around Gardner having our picture taken by Beth’s photographer/cousin Christy.

Over Labor Day weekend, we went back to Lindsborg to hang out for a few days. It was a great, relaxing weekend. We’ll be going home again this weekend for my cousin’s wedding. We’re looking forward to their wedding and also being home.