Tech Support

So I’m on hold with a certain cable company in the Gardner, KS area to ask a question about my bill, and what better thing to do during this time than to work on my website? I’ve got this great headset (cool-looking, too!) so I can just set the phone down instead of wedging it between my head and shoulder.

Anyway, also due to popular request, I’ve been working on getting my contact page up and running again. If it’s not already working, it should be shortly.

Things have been great here in Gardner. We’ve visited a couple churches in the area, and everyone is super-friendly.

On a down note, my car has pretty much stopped running- it won’t even start. It’s getting old and needs replaced soon. Fortunately, Beth’s car is running great, thanks to the brake pad changing help from my friend Brent.

Well… off to bed until next time… (hopefully soon)