Finally Finals

This week i finished my finals for the semester and for my college career.

Yesterday, I attempted passing my microeconomics course and after 90 minutes of nerve-racking fun, I successfully tested out of the course.

I’ll hand in my senior project paper in a couple hours and then I’ll be officially finished with my school work. YAY!

Post Office Find

Friends, I found$30 on the ground at the post office just prior to purchasing a book of stamps. A nearby witness exclaimed, “It must be your lucky day.”
Indeed, it seems.

I’m considering donating the funds toward the Treasurer of the State of Kansas, who helps keep our roads safe from fast drivers in desolate construction zones by employing officials to monitor vehicle velocity.

Sunday Evening

My parents just got back from San Francisco today and spent their first couple hours back home by coming to Salina and bringing me a temporary car. Thanks mom and dad!

We also went to Applebee’s for an awesome dinner.

No need for Speed

A few days ago, the Emergency Brake light appeared on my dashboard. It’s not uncommon for random lights to turn on, off, or flash on my car. In fact, my ‘check engine’ light has been intermittent for nearly a year.

Anyway, I checked to be sure that my e-brake wasn’t really on, which it wasn’t. Nor did I feel any resistance indicating mybrake may be stuck for some reason (though I’ve hardly used it since I’ve owned the car.)

Well, on the way back from a KSU-Salina faculty/student softball game, my brakes decided to go out. I always wondered what a person would do in that situation. Fortunately, I only live about 3/4 mile from the field, but it was interesting getting there nonetheless.

Having read my worst-case scenario handbook or something similar, I knew downshifting would help slow the engine. I made it home and now my car sits next to the curb for the weekend. Hopefully I can get it fixed Monday.