Life is Good

Today was the last day in a very busy week. It always feels like such a relief to get the last of the semester’s projects finished and turned in.

I’ll have one in-class final and one take home final the week after next. Graduation in 7 days..

Great News Today

Last weekend, Bethanie and I went apartment shopping in Olathe and in the nearby town of Gardner. We had some success and were hoping on of our options in Gardner would work out.

Today Beth and I found out that we’ve been approved (whatever that means!) for the apartment we wanted in Gardner! It’s nice to know where we’re going to live and what we’re going to be doing this summer. Things have come together really well, and we’re both thankful for all the ways we’ve been blessed over the last four years.

Our address will be added to our wedding page shortly. The wedding page is located at:

Busy Week

This week has been extremely busy for me, but who’s not busy this time of year? Therefore, I’ve tried not to complain about my busyness too much.

That said..
I’ve FINALLY completed a marketing project that our group has been working on over the last month or so. It turned out to be a 21-page marketing plan. Tuesday I turned in a group paper called “Achieving Success”. It was about, well, how to achieve success. We have a test tonight in marketing, then a test in the morning in Stats. Friday evening we have two small case studies due for marketing and management, and then my work is pretty much complete for the semester.

I can’t believe I’ll be walking across the graduation stage in just over one week! Unbelievable.

GlobalFlyer pics online

GlobalFlyer landing pictures have been added to my website. They don’t have captions yet, so hopefully it can be determined what is going on.

A basic timeline of what’s happening in the pictures:
Empty runway, crowd, press
Starship arrival, presumably with Sir Richard Branson on board.
Branson greets our crowd on the K-State Salina ramp.
GlobalFlyer landing sequence.
GlobalFlyer taxis toward hangar.
Fossett emerges and he and Branson do P.R, hold ceremony, and meet the crowd.

Link: here