Merry Christmas


I can’t believe Christmas is upon us. Only two days away, and many of us have already started celebrating with different families. I’m not sure I’m ready for all the gift exchanges and inevitable chaos this year, but find peace in the fact that if we were to take away all these things, we would still be able to celebrate Christmas for what it is- a celebration of the birth of Jesus.

(See the forum for related thoughts.)

In any case, enjoy the few days off from work or school.

Over break I hope to study enough Microeconomics to CLEP out of the class before the next semester starts.

I’m also doing some contract work for a few companies around the central Kansas area.

Finally Over

Well, another semester has come and gone. I finished the last of this semester’s school work this morning, turning in a take-home final and emailing off a final report for network security.

It feels really good to be done, thought I don’t know what I’ll do with my time now. We have about three weeks until school starts again. Hopefully I’ll keep busy with wedding planning and working on folk’s computers.

My own well-being (or well being)

I experienced this again today:

Whilst typing a paper in Microsoft Word 2000, I included the phrase “well-being” in one of my sentences. The Word Spell Checker, ever helpful, suggested I change the phrase to “well being” using two words instead of one hyphenated word.

Alas, as soon as I changed to the suggested format, Word informed me that it would be wise to change BACK to “well-being”. After about 6 rounds of this, I discovered that the madness would never end. I Googled the problem, only to discover that apparently I am alone in this dilemma.

Finally, I was pleased to find that honors “well-being” as an official word and NOT “well being”.

Thank you,

Search results make me Glade

Try a search at for “glade plugin coupon 2004” and check out the results.

Cool huh?
Try clicking on the link. Let’s see if we can get it up to #1!! Yeah!!

Oh, I’ve disabled comments for a few days because I’ve been getting an unreal amount of SPAM on my blog from some online gambling place. tsk tsk. These people need a better hobby.

Hopefully the problem will go away soon and things will get back to normal.