Back to School

I’m afraid the Thanksgiving break has come to an end. I went back to school today and almost had to look up my schedule to see what time I needed to get up for class.

I was surprised to see about 4 inches of snow on my car as I was headed out the door for class today. I really, really like snow.

I had to stop in the ‘borg tonight to run a few errands.

I found out some group of people from California is shooting a major motion picture in Lindsborg, KS called Something’s Wrong In Kansas. (you know, SWIK)
How cool is that? I guess they’re blowing up a house on Saturday night in the country.
Stay tuned for all the gory details…


What a wonderful holiday!!

Beth and I spent Thursday in Kansas City with her mom’s family. Lunch was wonderful, of course. There was talk of going to the KC Plaza to watch the lighting of the Plaza as the start of the Christmas season. It didn’t work out, however. We’ll probably go to the plaza sometime before Christmas to see the lights.

In the afternoon, Beth’s cousin took us to a nearby park to take a few engagement pictures. It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to getting them back.

Today (Friday), we had an excellent Thanksgiving lunch at Beth’s dad’s family’s.

I had to skip out early, unfortunately. We’ve realized that although our professors have told us that we have 5 days off for the break, they remain close to our hearts and minds as we begin to dig through the pile of homework that was created the Monday before break.

I can’t believe there are only two weeks of school left this semester. I’m really looking forward to break this year.

Happy Birthday to MOM!!

This is just a note to wish my mom a happy birthday!

I (along with my brother and sister) have been very blessed to have parents who care for us and support us so much.

I’m especially thankful for my mom’s spiritual stability and strong faith.
I couldn’t ask for more.

Love, Darrin

Programming Competition

Last Saturday (11-13), I had the opportunity to go to Emporia State University to compete in a programming competition sponsored by ACM and IBM. KSU-Salina sent two three member teams.

We had 5 hours to work on 10 problems. Our team was able to solve only one problem during the competition. The problems seemed much harder than the ones from last year. The KSU Manhattan team actually managed to solve 5 of the problems, which is phenominal.

We brought a couple sophomore students along this year to participate on team #2. Hopefully they will help continue KSU-Salina’s participation in the contest in years to come. A fun time was had by all.

FishNet Security on Campus

Tonight I got to have dinner, along with a few other friends from school, with Paul Klahn from FisnNet security of Kansas City, MO.

Dinner was enjoyable and was followed by a presentation by Mr. Klahn at the school. Klahn spoke about the digital footprints we leave behind not only on our computers, but in our vehicles, on the turnpike, and through our cell phones, among other places.

Mr. Klahn will be present in two of our classes on Thursday morning: Network Security and Systems Analysis and Design.

She says “Yes.”

Friday night was a memorable night for both Bethanie and me.

We had a fairly typical date, going out to eat at our local favorite, Vista, then going up to talk at this hill, appropriately named the ‘Manhattan letters hill’, because it has letters on it that spell out, well, ‘Manhattan’.

We were the only ones on the hill on a beautiful night. I asked her to marry me, and she agreed. We then went to meet her family at some other relatives’ place in town.

Thanks to those who helped arrange the evening, and for prayers and support for both Bethanie and me.

Crawling Through Windows

I was headed out the door for my 2:30 class today and right as I pulled the door of the house shut I was thinking “I should make sure I have my keys with me.”
Too late. My car AND house keys were locked inside my house, with no one else home.

Fortunately for me, I had a screwdriver handy in my car, so I disassembled the window pane outside of my room and was able to snatch my keys without having to crawl all the way into my room.

It was also fortunate the neighbors were all away at work during my little deconstruction project.

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