Family Reunion

Tonight we had a get together in honor of Steve A’s visit home from Iraq. An excellent time was had by all. I got to see many relatives that I hadn’t seen in a long time and it was fun to visit with everyone and hear stories from Iraq.

I have two cousins who are police officers and another who is in the War, so there are always plenty of stories to be heard.

Some of my cousins’ young kids are growing up so fast, it’s unbelievable. It seems like some of them were just born! I think it actually makes me feel a little older, which is not supposed to happen yet.

We have a really great family.

Billy Graham

A couple weeks ago, a small, diverse vanload of folks went to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City to hear the Reverend Billy Graham speak on the last tour of his career. It was neat to see Graham, after hearing about him growing up. It was also “Youth Night” at the Stadium, so we got to hear the music that the kids are listening to these days.

Third Day was there, along with Michael Tait formerly of DC Talk.

Bethanie and I traveled along with my mom, Beth’s mom, and Beth’s grandma.
We also met up with Bethanie’s cousin and some other friends.

Pictures will be posted soon.