From the Little Apple…

I’ve been spending my day enjoying the sights and sounds of Manhattan, KS with Bethanie. I spent part of the afternoon as the personal computer tech for Beth and her roommates, which was kind of fun.

We visited a place called ‘Top of the World’ outside of Manhattan. We also ran into some friends at Staples.

Beth took me to this place called Coldstone Creamery, an ice cream shop. It was great.

Upcoming events in our lives include:

  • Mark Schultz concert at the KS State Fair
  • A long Labor Day weekend
  • A Wedding for some friends of ours.
  • A bunch of tests.

Moving in and Syllabi

School started yesterday, so thus begins two days of syllabus-reading. My classes should be interesting this semester, though. I’m taking 15 hours, 5 classes. They are:
Network Security
Systems Analysis & Design
Contemporary Issues (a political science class)
Business Ethics and

On a separate note, I thought I’d pre-emptively get one of those Glade PlugIns to keep my room nice and fresh. Who would have thought you have to buy the plug in part separately from the refills??

PlugIn Refills

Interestingly, there was a coupon inside for two bucks off of a PlugIn holder. Just trying to help out everyone else who’s considering buying Glade refills without the plug in holder.

Fall School Semester Underway Shortly…

The Fall 2004 semester will be starting Wednesday the 18th at KSU-Salina, so I’ve been buying books and moving things to our house in Salina.

I’ll be living with two friends of mine, Max and Brad, throughout the school year. I’m looking forward to facing some of the new challenges that come with living away from home.


Last week I got back from a trip to Colorado with two cousins of mine, Eric and Allyn.
We chose to take a long weekend from our jobs and hang out in Colorado Springs.

We packed a LOT into this Thursday – Sunday weekend including: Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, hiking trips, Rockies baseball, and a Mark Schultz concert in (where else?) Dodge City.

A few pictures from the trip can be viewed here.