Spain Update

Sources close to Bethanie have revealed that she’s looking forward to being home again Sunday the 4th. Beth has 3 days of school left this summer, then a couple of tests on Thursday.

Spain Update (6-11)

I got an email from Bethanie a few days ago and here is some of what she said:

I´m sitting in an extremely hot and smoky internet cafe right now, listening to English rap music… That seems to be the music of choice here in Granada, rap or rock music from America. They´re a little behind though, the big thing here is NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Eminem 🙂 I´ve had a fairly good couple of days.

Loli [our host] is having more conversations with us. If she asks us questions and things it´s easier for me to understand, but sometimes she starts telling us a story or something and goes on and on. It´s getting better though. I´ve started talking a LOT more lately, so that´s increasing my confidence. We are pretty far from everything, but it´ll be okay especially since I have Erin with me. As far as food goes, most of it is okay and I´m getting used to the schedule. I´ve been craving Snickers bars though, so when Erin and I went shopping yesterday, I broke down and bought a package 🙂 I´m going to have to ration them out or something.

This morning we had school like normal with Dr. O. from 9-11, then with Mrs. O. from 11:30-1. I like her class a lot- she teaches language stuff and it´s all review so far. The hardest part about that class is all the compositions we have to write, 7 2-page papers and one 7-8 page paper at the end. I understood a lot better in the civilizations and readings class this morning. I don´t think the classes will be as bad as they seemed at the beginning. The vocab test was fine this morning and our first test is take-home and we have a week to finish it. It´s a lot of work outside of class, but oh well. After class Erin and I went to the Plaza de Toros and I bought tickets for a bullfight tonight. I picked out the seats that I wanted and bought the tickets. My friend, Kristin, and I are going tonight at 7, so that should be interesting! Today Dr. O. told us about all the excursions we have planned so far, but he didn´t know all the dates or times for sure yet. We´re going on at least one per week, sometimes more than that. Some of them are in Granada, but we´re also going to Cordoba and several mountain villages too. Should be fun. That´s what we do on Fridays, so we don´t have class that day- yahoo! This week is a big festival in Granda called Corpus Christi. There´s all kinds of things going on. I think a group of us are going to the play Siete Novias para Siete Hermanos (7 Brides for 7 Brothers) on Wednesday, isn´t that awesome?! I hope I can follow it since I know the general plot in English.

We went to see a Roman Theater in Merida. If you can look up a picture on the internet, you should. There was also an arena that I think was for gladiators, it was really cool!

I talked to Beth after the bullfight and she said it was …… interesting.

For those of us who are counting, the trip is about half over. The group will be coming home somewhere in the neighborhoood of 22 days, 22 hours, and 10 minutes as of 10:20 Friday night. 🙂

Dear Faithful Readers…

Thanks for coming back to the website and checking for updates. I’ve been working on getting this blog to look more like the rest of my website. I’m also planning on adding those Memorial Day pics you’ve all been requesting.
In the near future, I also hope to add a contact page so people can send me messages.
To save time though, try restarting your computer.

My Life update

I’ve been keeping myself busy lately with work, my webpage, and spending time with friends and family.

Friday night our Sunday School class went to Bob’s for a few hours of ‘scum’ and snack eating.

Saturday morning, parts of the summer VBS band went through some of the songs we’ll be doing this year. VBS at the Covenant Church is June 14-18.

Spain Update

I heard from Bethanie again yesterday. The students begun their classes at the University of Granada. Beth went along with three other girls Saturday to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Things are going well overall in Spain. Beth has noticed that the lifestyle in Spain is quite different. It’s not uncommon to see couples walking or children outside playing after midnight.

Memorial Day

Our family had a nice Memorial weekend. We had a family reunion at the Lindsborg Senior Center.

On Monday, we drove to the cemetery where Grandpa is buried to spend some time together. Uncle Mark shared a few thoughts, and Grandma said a prayer. It was nice to be together with our family again. We then drove to Elmwood Cemetery for their 10:30 Memorial Service.

Spain Update

Bethanie called today (Tuesday) and said her group arrived in Granada this evening at around 8:00 P.M, Spain time. She’s been surprised that it hasn’t rained much there, contrary to what she’d heard the weather would be like toward the beginning of the trip.

Beth and her roomate, Erin, are living with an elderly woman whose name is Delores, but goes by ‘Loli’. Loli enjoys speaking very fast and watching English movies with Spanish voice-overs.