Jake and Abby’s Wedding

Friday night we went to see Jake and Abby’s wedding at the park in Salina. The sun was a little bright, but the wedding was really nice. There was also a reception dinner and dance after the wedding. Best wishes to Jake and Abby.

Spain Update

Got an email from Bethanie today saying that she arrived safely in Madrid after the 8 hour flight.

Here’s some of what she had to say:

After this little excursion, a bunch of us are going to bed. We got to Madrid (after 7 1/2 hours or so on the plane) at 8 or so. We drove by bus to a little town outside Segovia called Garanja and visited the royal palace there. It was really pretty, but I don´t see much use for most of the rooms. They´re all big and cold feeling! Everything is extremely green around here, it´s awesome scenery! After Garanja we drove to Segovia and saw another palace and a cathedral (at least the outside of them), plus a couple Roman churches and an aquaduct. Segovia is my favorite place so far, it was so beautiful. Hopefully my pictures turn out well. We were there most of the day walking around. The streets are a lot like I imagined them to be, crowded with really tall buildings on either side. Later we drove to Salamanca, where we´re staying tonight. We´ve been on the bus a lot today, but it´s easier to sleep there, so time goes faster. Today´s been about the longest day of my life I think, mainly because we´re all so tired. A group of 8 girls went out and we finally decided to eat pizza, which turned out pretty good. Tomorrow we´re visiting a bunch of places here in Salamanca, and then driving to Madrid to spend the night I think.

The Lost is Found!

Yes, it’s true. I recovered my missing stick of chapstick from behind my computer this afternoon.

Thank you all for your thoughts and words of encouragement.


I got this new weblog (blog) up and working finally this evening!

I plan to regularly update this page to let those who are interested know what’s going on in my life.