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Finally Finals

This week i finished my finals for the semester and for my college career.

Yesterday, I attempted passing my microeconomics course and after 90 minutes of nerve-racking fun, I successfully tested out of the course.

I’ll hand in my senior project paper in a couple hours and then I’ll be officially finished with my school work. YAY!

Life is Good

Today was the last day in a very busy week. It always feels like such a relief to get the last of the semester’s projects finished and turned in.

I’ll have one in-class final and one take home final the week after next. Graduation in 7 days..

Busy Week

This week has been extremely busy for me, but who’s not busy this time of year? Therefore, I’ve tried not to complain about my busyness too much.

That said..
I’ve FINALLY completed a marketing project that our group has been working on over the last month or so. It turned out to be a 21-page marketing plan. Tuesday I turned in a group paper called “Achieving Success”. It was about, well, how to achieve success. We have a test tonight in marketing, then a test in the morning in Stats. Friday evening we have two small case studies due for marketing and management, and then my work is pretty much complete for the semester.

I can’t believe I’ll be walking across the graduation stage in just over one week! Unbelievable.

GlobalFlyer Take-off: Friday, Feb. 25

I’ve recently heard that the VirginAtlantic GlobalFlyer team will be trying their bloody-darndest to take off on this Friday, February 25th. This, of course, is dependent on the weather cooperating. They haven’t announced a time yet, and probably won’t until shortly before take-off, since weather is such a factor.

There will be opportunity for the public to view the take-off. I believe there will be viewing areas on each end of the runway.

I’m supposed to transport press gear from vehicles to hotel rooms as soon as tomorrow. I’ll let you know all about how that goes. Also, hopefully I’ll have a couple of pictures of the plane within a couple days.

Manhattan Engineering Career Fair

I braved the snow and sleet today to drive up to the KSU Engineering Career Fair. I was surprised to see quite a few employers representing many different companies including Cessna, Boeing, GE, Garmond, and Lockheed-Martin (a very popular booth).

I’m not sure how much progress was made today though. It seems like several of the booths had people standing there accepting resumes who were barely out of college themselves. It can be kind of frustrating to simply hear “Keep checking our website”. Others were more helpful however.

We have another career fair on Thursday in McPherson which I’m really looking forward to.

GlobalFlyer Mission Control

This evening, as part of our marketing class, I got to go into the Mission Control room for the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer for a second time. (I’ll report on my first experience when pictures become available.)

Our class was actually allowed to go behind the glass and ‘make ourselves at home’. Two nice gentlemen from Watermark (link) were kind enough to explain their role in the GlobalFlyer event. Watermark is an event management company. For this project, they’ve transformed our College Center into Mission Control for the flight.

Two friends and I stuck around after the presentation and talked with Watermark for about half an hour about the networking of all of the computers and some of the technology they’ll be using during the flight.

It was a great experience, especially seeing Mission Control so near completion.

How this relates directly to marketing, I have not yet decided.

The Dean at SGA

Last Tuesday night, our Student Government Association (SGA) at K-State at Salina was privileged to have Dean Dennis Kuhlman speak with us about the upcoming Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer event.

The meeting was helpful in answering some of the questions that students have about the GlobalFlyer and how it may positively and negatively affect our campus.

St. John’s

This morning I had the opportunity to give a presentation for high school students at St. John’s Military School in Salina, KS. I was asked to speak about the degree I’m in at K-State at Salina, about my experiences at college, types of classes I’ve taken at KSU-S, and some of the types of jobs that I will be looking for upon graduation in May 2005.

I spoke to a group of about 30 students, from 9th through 12th grades. I was impressed with the respect they showed me and the questions they asked me following my presentation.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak with the students and wish them the best as they look toward graduation.

Back to School

I’m afraid the Thanksgiving break has come to an end. I went back to school today and almost had to look up my schedule to see what time I needed to get up for class.

I was surprised to see about 4 inches of snow on my car as I was headed out the door for class today. I really, really like snow.

I had to stop in the ‘borg tonight to run a few errands.

I found out some group of people from California is shooting a major motion picture in Lindsborg, KS called Something’s Wrong In Kansas. (you know, SWIK)
How cool is that? I guess they’re blowing up a house on Saturday night in the country.
Stay tuned for all the gory details…

Programming Competition

Last Saturday (11-13), I had the opportunity to go to Emporia State University to compete in a programming competition sponsored by ACM and IBM. KSU-Salina sent two three member teams.

We had 5 hours to work on 10 problems. Our team was able to solve only one problem during the competition. The problems seemed much harder than the ones from last year. The KSU Manhattan team actually managed to solve 5 of the problems, which is phenominal.

We brought a couple sophomore students along this year to participate on team #2. Hopefully they will help continue KSU-Salina’s participation in the contest in years to come. A fun time was had by all.